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Indian Railways to Undertake one More Drive of “MASSIVE SHRAMDAN “ to Focus on “COLLECTION OF PLASTIC WASTE”/

Indian Railways will undertake one more drive of “MASSIVE SHRAMDAN“ with main focus on “COLLECTION OF PLASTIC WASTE” on this Tuesday, the 17th September, 2019.

This Shramadan is for:-

·         Enhanced cleanliness, through collection of plastic waste from all railway premises. Particular attention to be given to approaches to stations

·         Creating awareness for a greater impact against single use plastic.

·         Displaying Replacements/ Substitutes for such plastic items.

·         For distributing Cloth bags in large numbers as advised by the Environment and Housekeeping Management Division of Railways through its letter dated 12.9.2019.

·         Educating all in Railways, including vendors to be prepared for ban of single use plastic with effect from 02.10.2019. Single use plastic means usage of any plastic below 50 microns, in any manner.

PM desired Railways should lead

The Prime Minister had specially desired that Indian Railways should lead this initiative. Accordingly the Minister for Railways had directed a 10 days cleanliness drive earlier for trains and stations starting 2nd September, 2019. .

Further, Indian Railways is undertaking various activities relating to Swachhata Pakhwada from 11th September to 2nd October, 2019, leading to Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary on that Day, which would be observed as Community Service day, involving participation of all stake holders, to make a visible impact on cleanliness.

Four thousand- A1 & A2 stations to get plastic crushing machines by 2 Oct, ‘19

The Chairman Railway Board has asked all Divisional Heads to provide plastic bottle crushing machines, at over four thousand- A1 & A2 stations by the 2nd October, 2019.

Meanwhile, the Railway Board has also sent a letter to all Divisional Heads, directing that this MASSIVE SHRAMADAN on the 17th September, 2019 should be arranged at each and every station and nearby localities, approaches to the stations, and in areas near tracks all over the country.

A report, including photographs, is asked to be submitted to the Environment and Housekeeping Management Division of Railways.

            A competition on Plastic Waste Management at Railway station is to be launched at the Divisional level followed by General Manager’s level. Best Zone / Division will be assessed by Railway Board based on the report submitted by Zones / Divisions.

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