Cold storage facilities are available only in select states

As many as 8186 number of cold storage facilities with capacity of 374.25 Lakh Metric Tons is available in the country for storing perishable horticulture produce like fruits and vegetables.  The facility is concentrated in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab. Among the Southern states Andhra pradesh has the largest cold storage facility

The information regarding capacity utilization, real time data regarding availability, cost etc on cold storage facilities for farmers and traders etc. is not centrally maintained by the Ministry. There is no real-time monitoring System.

A study on All India Cold-chain Infrastructure Capacity (AICIC-2015) carried out by NABARD Consultancy Service (NABCONS) assessed requirement of 350 lakh MT capacity of cold storage for perishable fruits and vegetables. Currently, there is 374.25 Lakh MT capacity of cold storages is available in the country.

Govt providing financial assistance to set up cold storages in the country

Government is implementing various schemes under which financial assistance is provided for setting up of cold storages throughout the country to bridge the gap between availability and required cold storage capacity.

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