Fleet Management Ltd. Presented with CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION By The Nautical Institute.

The Nautical Institute ( NI ) held 10th consecutive Event in recognition to outstanding services from maritime industry. This time the presentation of CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION was presided on 19th September, 2020 to  Capt. PrashantRangnekar- COO, Elegant Marine Services and Team FLEETin recognition of hard work, commitment and personal sacrifice in serving the needs of fellow citizens around the world.

Capt. Vinod Naveen- AFNI Secretary, NI India SW branch welcomed distinguished guests , speakers, Fleet Management Team both from shore and sailing staff, seafarers and their families, members from CMMI, IMEI, Seafarer Associations across the country and NI India branches & overseas who had joined on Zoom meeting, Facebook and YouTube live telecast, in large gathering.He welcomed new members who had joined at SW branch, Cochin andall media partners / SagarSandesh, the voice of seafarers &for the seafarers.  In the unprecedented pandemic time, seafarers undergoing mental trauma with extended contracts and the extraordinary efforts from Fleet Management team on sign off seafarers and to reconnect seafarers on board, Capt. Vinod called the event “ Strong Personalities & Kind Hearted People” .

Capt. Tom Joseph- AFNI, Chairman NI India SW branchintroduced& warm welcomed the distinguished speakers and conveyed gratitude for accepting the invitation.

Ms Jillian C. Jackson- FNI President NI Londonbriefed on NI, a global community from maritime professionals, a non-government organization aims to promote professionalism, best practice and safety to all at maritime industry.As a membership organization, NI work to provide strongest possible professional focus and are dedicated to improve standards and maintainingits institute asaInternational Center of Excellence.NI has an active voice at IMO and through the memberships, NI has opportunity to have voices heard at locally, regionally & at international level, she continued. NI has over 70 branches around the globe with over 7000 members andNI also work closely withIALA .“We work together, we recognize the hardships, we support seafarers and their family and we celebrate good news stories through these events, “ she thanked and expressed honor to be part of  the event.

Ms Bridget Hogan-Director Publishing, NI-HQ, Londonwelcomed all the members and highlighted on how improvement on Best Practicesin the maritime industry through the technical staff and expert team members are explored &achieved and how these are disseminated throughwebinars, technical seminars , and monthly technical magazines SEAWAYS, NAVIGATOR Projects publications, The Ship’s Officer publication and through publication of many books , the latest one book title “A Guide to Bulk Carrier operations” prepared with support of 21 expertise  inorder to benefit the members and the industry. The publications are available on NI website.

She highlighted NI current two projects –“Best practices in Bridge WatchKeeping” and “Best practices in Building Bridge Team”and urged members who can contribute on these two projects to get in touch with NI/Ms Bridget.“ If you think it is a good idea to keep questioning  about the best practices and keep refining it as the world changes then please join us, make it a stronger ,because  Together We Can Make The Difference”, she said and congratulated SW India branch for organizing certificate of appreciation and her honor in participation.

Capt. M. S. Nagarajan- Executive Director, Fleet Management Ltd thanked NI, eminent speakers, seafarers and families who had joined the event on appreciate to Fleet Management by the NI.  He thanked everyone of seafarer colleague on their shipswho have shown exemplary leadership in living through the challenging times. He thanked GOI and all its branches, Unions and media in recognizing the need of hour and industry to find solutions in extending all support to facilitate the crew change.

“IMO and ITF are desperately trying to classify seafarers as essential workers and lot of good work has been done by them but lot more require to be done and I request NI, a professional organization to push forward in the direction that one day we see visa free travel for seafarers”, he continued. He thanked owners and charterers for their supportin accepting high cost towards crew change. Lastly he shared great appreciation to India Team lead by CaptRangnekar and other offices in globe for their hard work in making crew changes safely on daily basis despite challenges at many levels. 

Capt. VikasGrewal- Director Business Development, Fleet Management Ltdtook the audience to the success story of 25 years journey of Fleet Management. The FLEET is ranked as 2nd largest Manager in Bulk Carrier, 2nd largest Manager in Tankers and 5th largest Manager in Container fleet in the world and FLEET remain only organic company in top 5 ship managers today, he proudly announced.The company manages over 600 vessels backed by over 20,000 qualified seafarers. He also focused New building Supervision as also a service of FLEET to oversee construction and delivery. Company has HQ at Hong Kong with 6 technical, 13 crewing  and training centers ( 11 in India )  and 7 liaison offices globally with clients in Asia, Europe , USA , Middle East and Japan.Among ship managers bench marking by PSC Inspection, FLEET is Ranked 1st.On training front, FLEET has pioneered many technical and HR processes include PARIS, TOLAS, SafeR+ a behavior based program in safety leadership and a well set up large Training Institute in Mumbai. Recent addition has been Mental Wellbeing Initiative.FLEET has received  many awards included Outstanding Performance Award in PSC in 2018.

Capt. ParagGangurde- Master,Fleet Management Ltdshared his experience on crew change during pandemic times. He was in command of large crude carrier and how last moment cancellation of international flights and restrictions of sign off which kept varying and even port denying permission of crew change,delayed the crew reliefs and he complimented the crew for commendable understanding and resilience shown and continue to sail beyond contractual period without any much issues.He shared the support from family received by seafarers on board which worked as a great help.

He thanked FLEET operationand crewing teamboth for their support in putting their efforts  including pushing for deviation of vessel for crew change and finally after series of denial for one reason or other, crew relief were effected at Cochin very safely with vessel deviation en-route from Singapore to P.Gulf.

Mr. James Joseph- Chief Engineer, Fleet Management Ltdthanked for opportunity to share his experience. He was sailing on board Ridgebury Julia and crew change was planned on arrival Japan which was on 26th March and by then international flights had closed and India was declared under lockdown. It was a big task to convince crew as no one was clear on future fate fromCovid. It was compliment to note that crew could be convinced to continue on board with able leadership of Master & Chief Engineer and excellent update and support from the company FLEET and finally about 2 months later crew signed off at Kandlafollowing SOP and ensuring safe travel of seafarers through extra ordinary efforts taken from FLEET. He complimented the FLEET for creating WhatsApp Groupwhich provided instant assistances.

Capt. SudheerNaphade- Ex Nautical Advisor, GOIjoined the event to felicitate the team being honored. He shared his delight in seeing the impressive growth of FLEET in past few years. He expressed contentmentin seeing  these webinars specially with invitees of sailing  Master and Chief Engineer to share their experience. He conveyed his best wishes to all sailing officers & crew members of FLEET for the safe voyages. He congratulated FLEET for receiving certificate of appreciation from NI. He complimentedCaptPrashant for his hard work and called him a model officer to entire marine fraternity. “CaptPrashantpossess burning desire in his heart to get productivity and maintain its cool head to execute”heshared and concluded with hope that “weather improves early and the clouds of Corona disappears from skies and we have blue skies and blue oceans in the immediate future ahead”.

Certificate of Appreciation was thereafter honored toCapt. PrashantRangnekar and Team FLEET through digital technology by CaptVinod Naveenand words of appreciationconveyed from Ms Jillian Jackson.

Capt. PrashantRangnekar- COO, Elegant Marine Servicesfirstly appreciated NI for their gesture in giving due recognition to the most critical and positive outcome during pandemic that is CREW CHANGE- arranged by FLEET! “No matter what the challenges are faced but it is purely out of sense of duty towards our seafarers and their family”, CaptPrashanthumbly stated. He thanked CaptSudheerNaphade, one of senior most mentor and guide for his kind words and words of appreciations.

“With 550+ ships and over 11,000 crew on board and having leading position of crew from India, it was not easy to effect crew changes in this time of pandemic. Seafarers who are extended family to us, and with every avenue for crew changes shutting down it was a big question mark ….” He continued and briefed on steps taken and how safely FLEET proceeded on crew changes with determination and self-belief. He thanked DG Mr Amitabh Kumar, DDG Daniel Joseph , Capt. AshwinSolanki/ GMB and every individual involved for their support in making the crew change happen.  He appreciated owners for granting approval in diverting the ships to effect crew changes. “Fleet all over offices were working day & night to get the seafarers to return to their families. It is proud to see that Fleet has completed over 10,000 crew changes and every day numbers are increasing by 100. Task is not over, until we get every seafarer who have completed his contract period back home, we at offices in India & overseas working hand in hand to ensure crew changes are done safely through chartering the flights”, Prashantassured. On the shore front, FLEET has been front liner in liaising with seafarers families and keeping them informed and arranged social virtual events to build sense of community and belongingness and at sea counseling through video call. He concluded with compliments to seafarers for their support and showing understanding & trust in FLEET.

The event was ended with vote of thanks fromCapt. Harikrishnan- AFNI, NI India SW branch

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